MATLAB FM Radio Field Strength Calculator

MATLAB toolbox: FM Radio (87.5-108 MHz) Field Strength Calulator for Matlab using ITU 1546-1 standard

This is a small toolbox that allows radio station engineers to make quick calculations of expected field strengths.
This toolbox can calculate the expected field strength of an FM Radio transmitter, when You know the power of the transmitter, the distance to it, and it's effective antenna height.
You can also calculate the inverse, where You want to know at what distance is the field strength e.g. 54 dBµV/m, knowing the transmitters power and effective antenna height.
There is also a tool that allows You to calculate the field strength at reciever antenna height different from the standard (usually 10m) representative clutter height.

Using the graphical tools of Matlab, You will be able to view results like this (created using the demo1.m included in the files to download)
The solid line is for 50% time probability of interference, the dashed line is for 1% time probability of interference.


Click here to get to the files... download everything to a new directory, and add the directory to Matlabs path.
You should then be able to see it when typing "help" in Matlab.

This toolbox is written for Matlab 5.3 (R11). I have not tested it on later versions, but this is not rocket science, so I don't see why this shouldn't work. Anyway, there is only one way to find out...
Good luck !

Pierre Soelberg
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Most of functions implemented in this toolbox have been taken from:
The ITU Radiocommunication Assembly: "Recommendation ITU-R P.1546-1: Method for point-to-area predictions for terrestrial services in the frequency range 30 MHz to 3000 MHz"
The International Telecommunication Union, 2003,

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