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About Soelberg Broadcast & IT Consult ApS
About the company

Soelberg Broadcast & IT Consult is a small consulting company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Most of the activities take place in Denmark, so most of the information on this website is in Danish, with some exceptions that will be linked to below.
Since 2006, the primary company focus has been on Newsroom systems, Media Asset Management (MAM) and optimizing workflows in news production (radio and TV).

The company history starts with studio construction and computer automation for radio.
During the last 25 years, Pierre Soelberg has been involved in developing the private radio industry in Denmark, starting from small community stations in the 80's to national network in 2003, mostly as technical manager or consultant at various stations.
Due to special legislation conditions, Denmark was one of the first countries to switch to computer automated broadcasting in the 90's, where Dalet was the system chosen by most stations. This called for some advanced solutions w.r.t. localized versions of national broadcasting.
The company was founded in 1998 to help clients use IT for broadcasting. Broadcasting is what we want to do, and IT is a tool that can help us do it. This is why the word "Broadcast" comes first in "Broadcast-it.com".
You can also read the articles about redundancy. This should give a fair idea about how this company operates, how problems are analyzed and the solutions that could be proposed to a client.
This website also contains a section with tips and scripts for DaletPlus - feel free to use what you want, but read the disclaimer first.

Technical solutions

Present and past activities include:
- DaletPlus Newsroom for DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) in close relation to DR's MAM system, originally built by SGI and where DR has taken over the development.
- DaletPlus radio production and playout for DR with integrations (exchange of audio and metadata) to various other systems in DR.
- DaletPlus audio editing and playout for the new national News/Talk radio station in Denmark Radio24syv, with automated recoding and export for podcasting.
- Studio and playout automation for DR Update (DR TV News channel) using Mosart Medialab to control video playout, graphics, audio mixing, robotic cameras and light.
- DaletPlus for the radio at Kringvarp Føroya (National broadcaster of the Faeroe Islands), including specification for an automated integration to kringvarp.fo.
- A complete digital TV solution for KNR (National broadcaster of Greenland) with AVIT Systems as systems integrator, using DaletPlus for video ingest, editing and playout for news and continuity.
- DaletPlus support for KNR Radio.
- User training for a complete news station workflow using DaletPlus for NBC TV, New York and TRT TÜRK, Ankara.
- Building and managing Sky Radio, 2001-2005 (News Corp. owned national radio station in Denmark.)
- Automated playout with Vectorbox for Uptown TV, a non stop CATV station playing only Danish music.
- Installation and maintenance of Dalet 4.3 - 5.1 at various stations.
- Planning of transmitter networks, site hunting, distribution etc.

Single Frequency Networks

A Special field is Single Frequency Networks for FM-Radio. A test re-planning is taking place in Denmark, and for that reason, a series of tests were carried out. This resulted in a report and a Paper presented at the 120th AES Convention in Paris in 2006.
The paper is available for download here.
During this, a small toolbox for calculating coverage for FM-Radio according to ITU 1546 using Matlab was developped. It is available here.

Contact information

Pierre Soelberg
M. Sc. EE


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